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Simpson 898-01-KIT Eject EMT Ambulance Track Saftey Kit

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MPN: 898-01-KIT
UPC: 700191252713
Manufacturer: Simpson

Complete Eject kit for track or ambulance.


  • 3 EMT helmet bladders
  • 1 Bulb Inflator
  • 1 CO2 Inflator
  • 4 CO2 Cartridges (16grams ea.)
  • 1 Track bag

Simpson's Eject EMT Ambulance/Track Kit contains three EMT Bladder Systems which consist of a small air bladder connected to a flexible insertion tool.  In the event of a crash, a trained EMT/First Responder can insert the device into a helmet and then inflate it using either a Bulb or CO2 Inflator to gently lift the helmet off the wearer’s head.    The bladder applies a force to the top of the head helping to reduce the risk of secondary neck or spine injuries during helmet removal.
NOTE: This product should only be used by a TRAINED EMT/FIRST RESPONDER PROFESSIONAL.